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Benefits of plants in the Philadelphia Workplace

Philadelphia is going through one of its biggest booms in decades. There is new construction at every turn of the city and companies are moving their headquarters from the suburbs to the city. Companies are also investing in their office space to make a more enjoyable workplace environment for their employees. These companies see how valuable having more productive employees. I have seen them invest in standing desks, pool tables, Ping-Pong tables and collaboration areas but the one thing that is being left out of a lot of these office spaces is the office plants.

The inclusion of office plants can lead to huge returns for your company; investment in a talented staff is a key to success, but in order for this investment to pay off the staff have to be given the environment in which they can produce, the addition of plants can help to create this environment. Adding a biophilic design to any office space can have a positive impact on your employees. What is biophilia?? Biophilia is the innate human attraction to nature; we as humans have spent 95% of our existence close to nature, with the current trends leading the majority of us to urban living and working many of us are over stimulated and do not have the correct exposure to natural environments.

Because urbanization and influx of people moving into Philadelphia a lot of people are not spending the required time close to nature and this is causing a loss of production of employees. With this urbanization has come higher levels of stress, absenteeism, depression and lower levels of productivity and learning. How do we fix this? Let’s face it, we are not moving back to the country living anytime soon. We need to bring nature to the workplace. This can be done by adding office plants, green walls, water features, planted courtyards and views of nature to your office or building. Once these features have been incorporated in your facility you will see reduced absenteeism, higher performance, and longer employee retention.

So please give Grundys Plantscaping a call today (610-970-6280) and let us bring nature to our office space. We are an experienced interior landscaping firm that designs, installs and maintains office plants, green walls and exterior court yards in the Philadelphia, New -Jersey area for over 40 years. You can check out our web site to see how we have added beautiful tropical plants to offices and buildings through the Philadelphia and New Jersey area.

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