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Let Plants and Flowers Beautify Your Walls

After the Industrial Revolution began, many of America’s jobs shifted from outdoor settings to

indoor factories and office buildings. But most humans crave Mother Nature, and our presence

among plants, flowers and trees promotes ingenuity, performance and output. That’s why green

walls are excellent additions to homes and offices. Green walls are biophilic designs, which

emphasize and satisfy humans’ natural lure to nature.

Let Grundys Plantscaping add a green wall to your office and/or home! We’re a family business

that’s been servicing New Jersey, Delaware and Greater Philadelphia for more than 40 years.

We’re experts in purveying plants, customizing designs of office plants, interior landscaping,

decorating in holiday décor and renting office plants. And unlike most other companies, Grundys

is certified in the installation of green walls (also called living walls or vertical gardens).

Here’s the gist on green walls.

Their sizes span from a few feet to a whole wall. They’re soil-based greenery. Because they’re

planted vertically, they have an incorporated watering system. Sectioned panels hold the growth

in loose soil or peat. When planting with loose soil, the soil is poured into a shelf or bag that gets

attached to a wall. Exterior walls’ soil or peat should be replenished yearly due to weather


Interior green walls are three-dimensional living pieces of artwork that eliminate carbon dioxide

and generate oxygen. Those elements, in turn, allow them to be elements that are aesthetically

pleasing as well as good for our health.

Green walls aren’t common in most homes, so each and every visitor will ooh and aah at yours

because it’s unique, uplifting, aromatically pleasing and a beautiful sight to behold. It’s definitely

a conversation starter, too!

We at Grundys Plantscaping would love to tell you all about the many beautiful green wall

designs we can create for your home and/or office. We value your business and offer the utmost

level of customer service. To arrange your free on-site consultation, please call 610-970-6280.

And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!


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