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Upgrade Your Interior’s Look

Hiring professionals to create and take care of the interior landscape of your office space or professional building’s lobby is a terrific way to ensure that your company is presented in a positive and thoughtful way. Plants that are thoughtfully placed and well-manicured upgrade your workplace’s entire aesthetic by enhancing its appeal with class, color, texture and fragrance.

It all begins with a vision and creativity, which is why Grundys Plantscaping should be your first choice when choosing experts in interior landscape design. The specialists at Grundys pride themselves on their high standards and building strong, lasting relationships with their clients. Grundys specializes in customized office-plant designs, interior landscaping and green walls. It also rents out stunning office plants.

When the Grundys experts plan and implement an interior, they take into account these the main aspects. And the result is always stunning.

  1. Unity: Repetition is used to unify a design by repeating similar elements, such as plants and décor. Consistency helps by fitting different elements of a plantscape together to create a common unit or theme.

  2. Balance: There are two types of balance in design: symmetrical and asymmetrical. In symmetrical balance, two sides of the landscape are identical, while in asymmetrical balance, the plantscape composition is equalized by using different elements and objects that are similar in imaginary weight.

  3. Contrast and Harmony: Contrast helps highlight certain elements in the design, while harmony helps the composition look unified. Contrasting elements draw the viewer’s attention when they’re placed next to each other.

  4. Color: Color gives a plantscape design the dimension of real life. The Grundy specialists ask themselves what kinds of colors would be most appropriate in relation to the flowers, bushes and other nearby plant life: warm colors (such as reds and oranges) or cool colors (such as blues and greens) to create impact and perspective.

  5. Lines: As the most important element in plantscape design, lines are used in just about every way. They can create flower beds, define entryways, designate walkways, give texture and lend perspective. Lines also offer an illusion of depth and distance.

Whether you want to create a brand-new plantscape or spruce up your current one, count on the pros at Grundys to help bring your vision to life. We value your business and take pride in offering the highest level of customer service. To arrange your free on-site consultation, please call 610-970-6280. Our headquarters are in Pottstown, Penn., and we serve greater-Philadelphia, greater-New York City, Delaware and New Jersey.And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!


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